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How to Make a Sand Bowl

If you'd like to create a very different bowl for your house (whether you have a 'beach' theme or not) or make up a number of gorgeous bowls for flowers for your wedding, these Sand Bowls are perfect and easy to make! Follow our instructions to make your own. 

You will need:

Coloured Sand

PVA Glue

Plastic bowl (the size you would like your Sand Bowl to be)

Glad Wrap

Smaller disposable plastic bowl and spoon



  • Mix coloured sand and glue in the disposable bowl until it has a runny mixture.
  • Wrap the main plastic bowl with glad wrap. Put it upside down.
  • Use your brush and paint the sand mixture onto the bowl. Make the first layer and leave it for an hour. Then repeat and make the 'dripping' effect like on the picture.
  • Once done, leave it to dry for 3 days.
  • Gently remove the glad wrap (along with the dried sand bowl) from the plastic bowl and get rid of the glad wrap. Viola!

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