FAQs – Creative Sand


  • Do you have a retail store?  Currently, we do not have a retail store and offer our products online with a quick shipping option, so you can place your order on a tracked courier with 1 to 2 business days delivery service. Orders are sent from Tauranga, New Zealand. 
  • Do you sell outside of New Zealand? Currently, we don't. 



  • How long will it take for me to receive my order? All orders are processed within 24 business hours and are sent on the next (or up to 2) business day's delivery service. Please note rural addresses may take longer. If your order is urgent, please get in touch with us via email or leave a note about this on your order and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
  • How much is your shipping? We charge $7 flat fee for non-rural and $12 for rural within New Zealand. 
  • Do you ship to PO Box addresses? No, we don't. Please include a physical address for your order. 
  • Do you ship internationally?  Currently we don't.
  • Will I receive a tracking number for my order?  All orders are sent with tracking numbers. An email with a tracking number will be sent to you once your package is shipped.  
  • Can I pick up my order? Currently, we do not have this option. We use an efficient courier service and assure you it is very easy and prompt to receive your order that way. Please place your order as soon as possible to leave more time for receiving your goods. 
  • My order is delayed with the courier, can you help me? Unfortunately once your order is sent, it’s outside of our control and in the hands of couriers. The best way would be to call your local courier location or their customer support to find out what’s happening with your parcel. 



  • What is your return policy?  Please make sure you check product photos and description carefully before placing your order, as we do not process any returns if you changed your mind. Due to the nature of the product we offer (coloured sand), people's perception of colour and the possible difference of how colours appear on desktop/mobile/print versus real life, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.You can return your Creative Sand products only if you received them incorrectly (meaning a completely different item was included in your order). You must notify us within 7 days and return the product within 14 days of purchase. All incorrect product returns must be in their original state and undamaged. We will pay for return postage. A product will be exchanged, no refunds.



  • Can I buy 1 kg of coloured sand? Our coloured sand is packed in 1 cup bags (370 grams each) and 3 bags will provide you with just over a kg amount. Please choose 3 quantity when placing your order. 
  • Can I buy a bulk order of 10 kgs of coloured sand? We offer a bulk discount for a box of 10 different colours (1,110 kg per individual colour) for a special price of $18.95 per colour. Please email us on info@creativesand.co.nz if you'd like to order this. 
  • I received my coloured sand order, however, there are more bags included than what I ordered? Please note that some colours are packed into smaller bags, which means you will receive 2 bags to make up 1 cup of sand. 
  • I received my coloured sand order, however, the colour doesn't quite look the same as on the website? Please note that there is always a difference in colour when you view it on a desktop/mobile screen and when you see it in real life. We do our best to show the true shades of our gorgeous coloured sand on photos, however, there will always be a slight difference from what the sand looks like in real life. 
  • Is your coloured sand safe for kids? Our coloured sand is non-toxic and off high quality. It is intended for kids art projects and safe to use, however, please note that “non-toxic” doesn’t mean “safe for consumption”. It is the responsibility of parent/caretakers to supervise children while they are using ‘Creative Sand’ products. Please make sure your children are using our products in a safe way and environment.



  • What quality is your coloured sand? The short answer is high quality! We have been selling coloured sand for a number of years now and guarantee top quality of the product. It is non-toxic and fine in texture, which provides beautiful deep shades of colours. 
  • Do your Wedding Container Kits include enough sand to fill them up?  We include enough sand for the volume big containers can take, however, please be aware that 10 minutes after you fill containers up with sand, the sand will compress and push further down creating empty space on top. You will need to then fill it up with more sand (may do so a couple of times). We include extra sand, so you can do that afterwards. 
  • I received my wedding ceremony sand set and the main container is too small for the amount of sand provided? Please note we provide more sand than needed, so you will get more sand than the wedding container can hold (see the reason above). With this in mind, please distribute an even amount of sand into smaller bottles before the ceremony. During the ceremony pour each colour into the jar one bit at a time rotating colours around (it is best not to pour each colour into the jar until it's finished and without a pause). That way, you will make sure to create layers of all colours and beautiful thinner layers.    
  • How big are the main wedding sand containers? Sizes of the main wedding sand containers are included in their product listings. 
  • Can I buy your wedding sand containers only (without sand)? No, our sets come with sand, but the actual sand price isn't high, so if you still want the containers on their own, we suggest purchasing the listed sets and then using the sand for something else (terrariums, candles, sand art, art projects, etc).   



  • What age is Sand Art suitable for children from? We recommend Creative Sand products for children of 3 years and up. Younger kids may need help with the activity (like lifting the layers off template cards), but they will be sure to enjoy peeling & colouring in. Sand Art is a popular activity, which is loved from pre-school kids, primary and intermediate school children to teenagers. We've seen 4-year-old kids equally enjoy it as 16-year-old teenagers. 
  • How do I choose appropriate template cards for the kids' ages I have? We suggest choosing cards with less detail for younger kids and cards with more detail for older. We often get asked whether some template cards may be too 'baby-ish' for older kids and our answer to this is: never assume what kids will find interesting to 'colour in'. We've seen teenagers choose a card with a very baby-ish looking bunny and they loved 'colouring it in'. The best advice here is not be afraid to choose a variety of designs and give the kids a choice. You'll be surprised!