About Us – Creative Sand

About Us

Creative Sand is a small family business with big ambitions based in Tauranga, New Zealand. My exciting journey started in 2022 when I found the business for sale and I knew we would love this as we love doing crafts as a family.


But here is the history behind Creative Sand by the previous owner:

Our exciting journey started in October 2013. Shortly before that we were on a holiday abroad and saw the sand art activity being held in a park with lots of excited kids "colouring in" pictures using coloured sand.

Being parents ourselves, we understood the importance of creative activities and how they benefit children’s development, so we decided that New Zealand kids should enjoy Sand Art too and opened Creative Sand to deliver high-quality products to Kiwi families. 

Since then we've delivered Sand Art to many New Zealand homes, public and corporate events and holiday programs, providing gorgeous coloured sand for art projects and wedding sand ceremonies around the country. We love what we do and are passionate about Creative Sand and what it offers. 

Why choose our products? Here's why!

  • Original Providers: We are proud to say we were the original and now the leading provider of Sand Art and Coloured Sand in New Zealand. So you can trust us, we know our biz!
  • High Quality: Our sand is of high quality and non-toxic. It is very fine, which makes its colour shade deeper and more beautiful. It also doesn't stain water. 
  • Biggest Product Range: We stock the largest range of coloured sand and template pictures in New Zealand and have a big amount of each type available.
  • Created with Love: We proudly developed our Sand Art kits creating the best arts & crafts products with gorgeous coloured sand. Not just beautiful, but practical and easy to use for any child. 
  • Value: We believe in value for money and offer that in every product, whether it's a single product or a bulk buy.
  • Understanding: Being parents ourselves, we understand what makes a fun present for a child, which will not just make them happy, but be educational and entertaining for hours.