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Zen Gardens with Coloured Sand

I love how Coloured Sand can be used in so many gorgeous creations... So the latest trend has been making beautiful zen gardens and displaying them at home. It's not just a pretty thing to look at, but you can also create different patterns with sand and change them depending on the mood. 

They can be bright and playful or classic style with dark colours - anything works! 

Here are the steps to creating your own Zen Garden with Coloured Sand:

  • Have a plastic or wooden tray ready 
  • Pour Coloured Sand either onto the whole surface or parts of it
  • Add stones on some parts (if using)
  • Place figurines, Budda or any other objects that resonate with you and remind you of a happy place (or which simply look pretty)
  • To create sand patterns you will need either a small wooden rake or a folk

Zen Gardens are simple, but beautiful additions to your work desk or anywhere inside of your home to bring some colour or create a calm relaxing place. Enjoy! 


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