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Wedding Sand Ceremony: Our Island Themed Wedding

Story from Creative Sand client:

"This is a little story behind the sands in the Creative Sand heart jar...

Awaroa has a special place in our hearts as we stayed there for our first 'date weekend'. So on Feb 29th 2016 (leap day) I proposed to my partner of 10 years on the beach in Abel Tasman (Awaroa). 

We planned to have an 'Island Theme' wedding celebration in Rarotonga just the two of us in June and then celebrated with the family in November. We wanted to hold a wedding sand ceremony and after searching online I was glad to find your company offering wedding ceremony sets. 

We wanted to make the wedding sand ceremony special, so we had collected some sand (seen on the bottom of the heart jar on the picture) from close to our home where we walk regularly. We poured that sand in the jar together.

The pink sand was for my husbands' family to pour and the blue sand was for mine.

We also had sand from two beaches with us, which we poured in the jar together: one sand was from the Magic Reef in Rarotonga where we stood to get married and the other was sand from our honeymoon in Aitutaki.

We left a space at the top of the jar for the sand from the beach where I proposed to him in Abel Tasman. We will go back this year to collect it to add to the top of the jar. 

We played a sand ceremony song on the night when our families and ourselves poured the sands. If you were wondering we declared the sand and shells we collected in the Cook Islands and customs checked them out and we were able to bring them that was a special bonus for our ceremony! 

Your service was great and everything arrived promptly. Thank you very much".

- Julie




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