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Learning to Write on Coloured Sand: Developing Pre-Writing Skills

Developing pre-writing skills before learning to write is important for children, as that contributes to their ability to hold and use a pencil, draw, write, copy and to colour later on. It also helps kids learn how to put their ideas to paper. 

The building blocks for pre-writing development include hand and finger strength, crossing the mid-line, pencil grip, hand/eye coordination, visual perception and hand dominance to name a few! 

SAND WRITING is a great way to support pre-writing skills.

Simply pour sand onto a tray and let your child write with their finger, making letters or designs. Encouraging them to use a pencil, pen or another writing device will help too. A great idea is to use cards which they can "copy" patterns from. 

Here are some other ideas for supporting pre-writing skills and building strength in your kids' hands: Playing with playdough, Scrunching paper and making balls out of it, Using pegs (opening and closing a clothes pegs), Cutting with scissors, Threading.

The key to developing good hand strength and handwriting abilities is a regular practice.

Check out these Pre-writing Practice Cards created by a mum and a teacher Megan from Play Based Life which kids can use for practising their pre-writing skills with coloured sand in a tray. 


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