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DIY Terrarium with Coloured Sand

Terrariums are sealable or open-air glass containers with succulent plants, pebbles, figurines and now many of them also include coloured sand.

The ones with coloured sand are very popular and it is actually very easy to create your own.  

You will need:

  • Coloured sand;
  • Clear bowl, jar or vase;
  • Plants (succulent or air plants);
  • Small rocks;
  • Funnel and a small brush.


  • Fill the bottom of the bowl with a layer of coloured sand pouring it more around the edges and closer to the walls of the container;
  • Make a well in the centre and put soil there (be careful not to drop it into your coloured sand that's around). Shake excess soil off your chosen plants and put them into the soil (make sure to push the roots in slightly).
  • Put a layer of different coloured sand on top of the bottom one and also around the plants carefully (use a small brush to brush coloured sand off plants if needed);
  • Finally, add small pebbles around the plants to make it look complete;
  • You can finish your creation by placing a little figurine of a cute animal on top of the sand if you like. 

Make sure to get plants that won't need much watering and possibly only around every 3 weeks. Use a syringe to pour water directly into their roots when you water them. 

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