How to Make a Card for Father's Day – Creative Sand

How to Make a Card for Father's Day

Making a unique card using coloured sand and a few craft materials is super easy.

Kayea and I sat down to create one for Father's Day and it wasn't just quick, but very enjoyable for her, as she felt proud of creating this special card herself. 


What you will need:

  • Card paper (thicker paper especially used for creating greeting cards)
  • Coloured Sand (put it in an ice cube tray and use a spoon for an easier application)
  • Tray for excess sand 



How to do it:

1. Attach a sticky (double-sided) tape on the front side of the card. We first put a row of them with a bit of space in between one another. After peeling them off, we put more rows over the gaps. That way you make sure there are no gaps which sand will not stick to and the whole surface is sticky. 

I had to help Kayea with putting the sticky tape on, as it was a little sticky, but older kids will have no trouble doing it themselves.

2. Then she chose colours and sprinkled them over shaking the card around, so the sand rolled to all sides.

We both loved the watercolour effect of the image and Kayea thought it turned out like the shape of New Zealand.

The cool thing about it is you can create a new pattern each time so each card is very unique!



Watch the video of how to make a card for Father's Day

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