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"I Spy Bottle Discovery Game" with Coloured Sand

We have a pleasure of Kash who is a busy home-schooling mum and a business owner (Skye Candle and Body Care, NZ) to share one of the fun learning activities with coloured sand her daughter enjoyed. Find Kash on Instagram @thelearningtreenz


The I-Spy bottle/discovery bottles are easy to make with coloured sand and perfect for kids to improvise their focus and concentration. It also helps the kids identify colours and shapes and strengthen their fine motor skills. It’s ideal as a calming toy for little ones to explore and great for an independent scavenger hunt in the bottle.

Items needed:
Clean bottle / container
Coloured sand
Small toys - We used insects theme

How to make:
Dropping all the small objects inside the bottle and followed by coloured sand to cover 3/4 of the bottle. We used a small container as that’s Skye’s favourite container.

How to play:
We worked on the Go and Stop Concept, where Skye started to shake when I said Go, and she stopped when I said Stop. Then she began to look for the insects and try to name what she saw as well as the colours. Skye learned to use the sand timer as she has a 2-minute time frame before she needs to identify a new insect. I helped her to count and write the name of the animals on the paper so that we don’t repeat the same insects.

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