5 Easy Wedding Decorations – Creative Sand

5 Easy Wedding Decorations

Being so versatile and beautiful, it's no wonder coloured sand is used in many wedding creations. From the actual wedding (unity) ceremony to wedding decorations. 

Couples (and we mean usually the bride who's organising 99% of the wedding) can choose from various wedding decorations with coloured sand. 

Centrepieces or table decorations are usually matched with the main wedding colour.

That's where you choose the colour of the sand. Then depending on the style of the wedding and what the couple like, there are options from jars with flowers with coloured sand, candles with coloured sand, plants with coloured sand or a mixture of everything! 

The thing is it looks very sophisticated and stylish. You can make it gentle and soft or bright and bold - the colour of the sand can help with that, as well as the type and colour of flowers, candles and plants included in the jar. 

Here we wanted to share a few ideas and show you how a simple wedding decoration with coloured sand can create gorgeous wedding decor for your special day. 




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