Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People) – Creative Sand
Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)
Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)
Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)
Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)
Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)
Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)

Bottle Sets Including Sand (From 2 to 8 People)

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- Large bottle (It is 18.5 cm high).

- Smaller bottles (one per colour).

- Colours of sand of your choice (Please choose your coloured sand from this pageThen mention your chosen colours in the Purchase Notes on your order).

- Please note that the ribbon pictured on the images isn't included.

  • Please note you will need a funnel for pouring sand into the bigger bottle, please find it on the same page.
  • Please note due to the nature of our product, there may be a possibility a certain colour becomes unavailable. In that case, we will let you know and will either provide an alternative or advise you on when your chosen colour becomes available again.

Questions? Check our FAQs page for answers.

Below are some answers about wedding sand ceremony kits.

  • What quality is your coloured sand? The short answer is high quality! We have been selling coloured sand for a number of years now and guarantee the top quality of the product. It is non-toxic and fine in texture, which provides deep shades of colours. 
  • Do your Wedding Container Kits include enough sand to fill them up?  We include enough sand for the volume big containers can take, however, please be aware that once you fill them up, the air inside will compress and sand will be pushed further down creating empty space on top. You will need to then fill it up with more sand (may do so a couple of times). We include extra sand, so you can do that afterwards. 
  • I received my wedding ceremony sand set and the main container is too small for the amount of sand provided? Please note we provide more sand than needed, so you will get more sand than the wedding container can hold (see the reason above). With this in mind, please distribute an even amount of sand into smaller bottles before the ceremony. During the ceremony pour each colour into the jar one bit at a time rotating colours around (it is best not to pour each colour into the jar until it's finished and without a pause). That way, you will make sure to create layers of all colours and beautiful thinner layers.    
  • How big are the main wedding sand containers? Sizes of the main wedding sand containers are included in their product listings. The bottle is 18.5 cm tall and the Heart Jar is 11.5 cm tall.
  • Can I buy your wedding sand containers only (without sand)? No, our sets come with sand, but the actual sand price isn't high, so if you still want the containers on their own, we suggest purchasing the listed sets and then using the sand for something else (terrariums, candles, sand art, art projects, etc).   

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