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Sand Art

Fun | Educational | Entertaining
Perfect for Kids' Parties or Home Activities
Suitable for kids 3 years and up
Party Packs start at $3.30 per child


It is an arts & crafts activity, where you 'paint' a template picture with coloured sand.


Template pictures have sticky layers underneath and once the top film is peeled, you can sprinkle coloured sand, which sticks straight to the exposed sticky layer. So no glue is needed. Our template cards are A4 size to make this activity easier for little hands. 

Step 1: Peel A Layer Off The Card

Step 2: Sprinkle Coloured Sand. It stays on the sticky layer.

Voila! You now have a Sand Art masterpiece created by you.

Read What Our Customers Say About Sand Art:

"Emilian (4-year-old) liked it soooo much and was completely focused on it for more than an hour. He carefully decided which colour comes next and how much he wanted to keep for the other items...He can't wait to do it again!" - Verena


"My youngest daughter has had so much fun completing her Sand Art pack that we got her for Xmas. Both my girls are so in love with their packs I have a very active 8-year-old and to see her take to an activity where she sits still for so long is amazing." - Kathryn Prescott 


"Sand Art by 'Creative Sand' was just perfect at my daughter's 8th birthday party. The fun activity kept children occupied and I was very pleased to see everyone very engaged, happy and proud of themselves as a result of their very beautiful sand art. Everyone loved it!" - Eliane.

Hear our Brand Ambassador explaining what Sand Art is: