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Fun Halloween Activities with kids

Halloween is a fun and freaky holiday with bright colours, scary monsters and lots of lollies! 

To get into the spirit of the holiday, try a number of these fun Halloween activities with kids:

  • Create gorgeous jars with layered coloured sand inside (ofcourse using orange and black sand) and put a candle on top. Instead of the usual candles, try using electric ones to create a safer environment. 
  • Create a sand art terrarium using Halloween colours. Not just a fun way of acknowledging Halloween, but also having a fun memory afterwards. Read another blog named "DIY terrarium with coloured sand" on our website for instructions to create an easy sand art terrarium.
  • Grab orange and black coloured sand and put it in squeeze bottles and let kids draw pumpkins, ghosts and anything they want on the pavement to 'decorate' the front of your house.  

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